Global Quantitative Protein Analysis

Two Dimensional – Difference In Gel Electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) is a gel-based approach for comparative proteomics using fluorescent tags. Distinct fluorescent tags e.g.  Cy 3, 5 and 2 are used to label samples and a universal internal standard prior to 1st/2nd dimension electrophoresis. An automated software program is used to detect, quantify and annotate differentially expressed proteins. 2D-DIGE offers all the advantages of 2D-PAGE and overcomes the inherent disadvantage of variation and reproducibility problem in a 2D-PAGE.  

Our quantitative and comparative proteomics using 2D DIGE (two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis) services include:

a) experimental design,
b) sample preparation to isolate total proteins using ToPI-DIGE protein isolation Kit,
c) fractionation, quantitation and qualification of proteins if applicable,
d) 2D-DIGE analysis, scanning of gels using a DIGE-enabled digital scanner and
e) biological variation analysis of gel images to identify differentially expressed proteins with statistically significant difference.

Cost is per biological or clinical specimen.

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Comparative proteomics of diploid and haploid isolates of Rhizoctonia Solani Mycelium are being analyzed through 2D-DIGE services.

2ddige serum example2DDIGE gel image


Two Dimensional - Difference In Gel Electrophoresis

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