Albumin Segregation Kit-Column [k-0012]

Human serum albumin (66 KDa) typically accounts for more than 65% of the total protein present in plasma and serum samples. High albumin concentration obscures the detection of low abundance plasma and serum proteins in most experiments. Albumin also distorts lanes during electrophoresis if a large amount of total protein is loaded to permit the detection of low abundant proteins. Albumin can also mask other proteins that migrate around the 50-70 kDA thereby preventing their detection.

ITSIPrep ASKc (K-0012) is a validated spin column based protocol for depletion of albumin (Alb) from serum and plasma samples prior to analysis of the albumin enriched fraction (Alb+) and/or albumin depleted (Alb-) fraction. More than 90% of albumin is depleted from whole serum using the ITSIPrep ASKc Kit (see Figure). This protocol has been widely applied in many laboratories for albumin removal to reveal lesser abundant proteins in the Alb- fraction or albumin-associated proteins in the Alb+ fraction. Treated samples can be analyzed by electrophoresis, mass spectrometry and western analysis.

  • 1D SDS-PAGE (4-20% gradient) gel image of Human Serum SM is size marker and WS is whole serum. A and B are duplicate experiments. the lanes marked A(-) and A(+) contain Albumin depleted fractions and Albumin enriched fractions respectively. The Alb band is indicated with a red arrow. More than 90% of albumin is depleted from whole serum using the ITSIPrep ASKc Kit.

Each Kit contains optimized buffer systems and consumables including:

  • Albumin Segregation Matrix (ASM)
  • ASM Buffer 1
  • ASM Buffer 2
  • ASM Buffer 3
  • Microspin Columns containing ASM
  • 5KDa MWCO centrifugation Device
  • 2.0 ml Centrifuge tubes


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