ITSI Biosciences occupies a purpose built state-of-the art 10,000 sq ft energy efficient facility designed to achieve a LEED Silver status. Approximately 2000 sq ft of the facility is office space for management, scientists and technicians. A general office of about 900 sq ft with general office equipment (networked printer, fax machine, digital copier, etc) is available for administrative assistants. A conference/board room of about 1000 sq ft is available for meetings. A kitchenette/lunch room is available within the building. The entire building is fully networked and high speed wireless internet ready.

Laboratory Description

A well-equipped laboratory space of approximately 3000 sq ft with an integrated ISO certified Class 1000 clean room is available. The laboratory is equipped with workbenches, sinks, biosafety cabinets and laminar flow hoods.



    Partial list of major equipment available:

  • Thermo Electron Q EXACTIVE, LTQ XL LCQ DECA XP Plus with ESI and nano source Ion Trap mass spectrometer for ultra sensitive protein sequencing, quantitation and identification. Our platforms and setup allow for high perfromance proteomics, label free quantitation and quantitative proteomics using iTRAQ and TMT technologies
  • Thermo Electron Voyager Capillary HPLC system for microflow separations
  • GE Healthcare Ettan IPGphor II for 1st dimension electroporesis of proteins (Iso electric focusing)
  • GE Healthcare Ettan DALT 6 for 2nd dimension elecrophoresis, to separate proteins according to mass
  • AKTA HPLC system for offline separations and MudPIT
  • Typhoon Trio Variable Mode DIGE-enabled Digital Imager (GE Healthcare) - for scanning of fluorescent and dye labeled proteins in gels at multiple wavelengths
  • Ettan Robotic Spot Picker (GE Healthcare) for robotic picking candidate protein spots
  • Ettan Robotic Spot Digester (GE Healthcare) for robotic in-gel digestion of candidate protein spots prior to mass spectrometric analysis
  • Luminex 200 xPONENT Multi-analyte Technology for multiplexed RNA and Protein analysis using the QuantiGenPlex Branched DNA and xMAP technologies
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser for microfluidic-based sizing, quantitation and quality control of proteins
  • Genova UV/Visible spectrophotometer
  • Scientec electronic balance
  • Hanna H1223 pH meter with an inegrated temperature probe
  • Labnet Z300 high speed cooled centrifuge
  • Labnet Spectrafuge 24D centrifuge
  • Barnstead stirring hot plate
  • Barnstead EasyPure Rodi ultrapure water production system
  • Misonix Auro 550 Fume Hood for Reagent and sample preparation
  • ESCO Class II Bioharzard laminar flow safety Cabinet for Reagent and sample preparation in clean environment
  • Refrigerator (4°C, Frigidaire)
  • -20°C freezer (GE)
  • -80°C (Isotemp Basic) freezer
  • EPPENDORF MasterCycler 5330 - for DNA and RNA amplification by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Healthcare EPS 601 power supply
  • GE Healthcare MultiTemp III for temperature control during electrophoresis
  • Large-format electro-transfer apparatus for western blot analysis of large-format 2D gels

Important Info

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