Protein Digestion Monitoring

Protein identification by mass spectrometry is one of the most important steps in proteomics. Proteins are typically digested into peptides prior to the mass spectrometry (MS) step. The most popular enzyme used for protein digestion is trypsin. ITSIPrep Protein Digestion Monitoring (ProDM) Kit is the first kit to allow fast and accurate monitoring of the protein digestion step without performing gel electrophoresis. ProDM kit will allow researchers easily and quickly test the trypsinized sample to accurately determine the extent of digestion. This will increase the overall efficiency of the mass spectrometry by reducing the number of failed mass spectrometry experiments, and hence the overall cost of proteomics research.

Benefits of using ITSIPrep Protein Digestion Monitoring Kits:

  • - Provides a fast and cost effective method to verify that the enzyme is active and or the protein is digested.
  • - Improves efficiency by preventing unnecessary, costly and time-consuming mass spectrometric analysis of undigested proteins
  • - Does not require costly and time-consuming gel electrophoresis.
  • - Simultaneously confirm trypsin activity and protein digestion without performing gel electrophoresis.
  • - Accurately quantify % protein digested.