Protein Fractionation

Most biological samples contain a complex mixture of proteins in different regions, e.g. membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm. Therefore, to identify the most complete array of proteins in each region, it is necessary to reduce the complexity of the total protein lysate by using a reliable and reproducible method that will enable the enrichment of proteins that are present in specific locations. Reduction in sample complexity is also particularly important when the analysis of proteins that occur at low concentrations in the membrane, cytosol and nuclear regions of the cell are desired. An ideal method should be reproducible, simple, convenient and cost effective.

Benefits of using ITSIPrep Protein Fractionation Kits:

  • - Lowest cost/sample for selective enrichment of nuclear, cytosol and membrane proteins
    - No ultra centrifugation required
    - Reproducible results
    - Easy-to-follow protocol