Protein Isolation

One of the first steps in the analysis workflow process in the biology, biochemistry, cell biology and proteomics laboratories is total protein isolation prior to electrophoresis, fractionation, quantitation and analysis. This step requires the use of carefully standardized and reproducible procedures to ensure that proteins are isolated without protein degradation. The ideal method must produce good quality proteins suitable for the desired downstream application, while being reliable, convenient, fast, easy to perform and cost effective.

Benefits of using ITSIPrep Protein Isolation Kits:

  • - Standardized/validated protocol
  • - Avoidance of protein breakdown
  • - Reproducible results
  • - Lowest cost/sample
  • - Convenient and time saving
  • - Highest CyDye labeling efficiency
  • - Greater than 90% recovery
  • - Easy-to-use and validated protocol for analysis of archival samples