Protein Quantitation

Protein concentration measurement is usually the first step in most protein analysis work-flow processes. The criteria for choice of a protein assay method are usually based on convenience, availability of adequate amount of protein for assay, presence or absence of interfering agents in the mixture, and need for accuracy. For example, the Lowry protein assay method is very sensitive but is a two-step procedure that requires a minimum of up to 40 minutes incubation time. The Bradford assay is more sensitive and can be read within 5 minutes. The ToPA Kit and protocol is based on the Bradford assay, but it has been optimized to become more sensitive and tolerant to most buffer systems.

Benefits of using ITSIPrep Protein Quantitation Kits:

  • - More Sensitive and consistent than the standard Bradford assay
    - Faster than Lowry Assay
    - Reproducible results
    - Ready-to-use reagents
    - Lowest cost/sample for protein quantitation
    - Easy-to-use protocol
    - No buffer induced effect
    - Greater than 99 R2 value with ready-to-use standard curve reagents
    - Only 2ul per sample required.
    - Reading completed in about 5 minutes
    - No cuvette required
    - Validated reagent and protocol developed for the NanoDrop