RNA Purification Kits

Our Ribonucleic acid (RNA) extractions kits are ready-to-use reagents and can be used to extract RNA from wide variety of tissues including animals, plants, bacteria and cells. Obtaining high quality RNA is the first and critical step for many fundamental molecular biology experiments. Out kits pass rigorous testing and offers unparallel reproducibility and stability.

RNA Purification

    • iRT-PCR Kit
  • iTRAzol
  • iGeneral Eco-Friendly RNS Extraction Kit
  • iM-MLV (recombinant)
  • iRNasin (RNase inhbitor)
  • iOligo (dt)15 primer
  • iRandom hexamer primer, 6-mer
  • iDEPC-reated Water
  • idNTPs (RNase-free)
  • iRNA Stablization Solution