Total Protein Isoaltion Kit-Plant

Protein isolation from plant tissue and plant cells (ToPI-P) is used specifically to isolate proteins from all types of plants. These isolated proteins can be used with a variety of techniques to homogenize plant tissues and cells for many downstream processes without further purification. The protease inhibitor cocktail is used to inhibit protease present in plants and protect the proteins from poteolytic degradation during the isolation procedure.

Total Protein Isolation Kit- Plants (ToPI-P [K-0025]) contains buffers necessary for the successful isolation of plant proteins from plants,fruits, leaves, seeds and roots.

  • SDS-PAGE gel image of Plant samplesSDS-PAGE gel image of plants processed with ToPI-P plant tissues and cells isolation kit

Each kit contains optimized reagents in ready to use formats and consumables.

  • Buffer 1
  • Buffer 2
  • Buffer 3
  • Protease inhibitor


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