ITSI seeks a Business Manager in Johnstown, PA, responsible for managing all of the financial aspects of ITSI-biosciences’ business, including preparing and maintaining all accounting and financial records to ensure accuracy and legal compliance as well as monitoring project costs, approving expenses, managing customer project accounts and ensuring timely payment collections. specific duties include: (i) reporting directly to the chief scientific officer on financial and sales tax processes as well as project management activities/project progress; (ii) liaising with SAP&DC for international business growth as well as external project stakeholders to achieve business goals; (iii) managing procurement and sales contracts as well as logistics activities; (iv) preparing financial statements, budgets, and cost/sales forecasts related to project incomes and expenditures; (v) managing the advertisement of ITSI’s product and service offerings to improve business awareness; (vi) implementing internal controls for accurate financial reporting and risk management initiatives; (vii) preparing and submitting business tax returns and government reports; (viii) tracking and managing project related incomes and expenditures; (ix) reviewing accounting classifications and creating new accounts to properly reflect actual transactions; (xii) managing the performance of international distributors and representatives; (xiii) negotiating contracts with external vendors to reduce cost and improve company profitability; (xiv) ensuring the timely delivery of projects in alignment with financial targets; (xv) preparing and maintaining monthly business management accounts, leases, and depreciation records; (xvi) managing employee scheduling activities and project task distributions; (xvii) preparing monthly project management accounts, reviewing and evaluating cost variances; and (xviii) identifying and implementing financial and accounting process improvement tools /method.

Must have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business Administration.

Must have two (2) years of experience working in the Accounting or Business Management fields, including two (2) years of experience with each of the following: (i) overseeing the accounting and finance-related functions of a business; (ii) managing and updating fixed asset register and posting transactions; (iii) performing monthly reconciliation and reporting on financial accounts; (iv) providing variance analysis on income and expenditures; (v) reviewing and updating finance procedures; and (vi) producing annual statutory accounts.

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