The ToPI-DIGE™ Kit contains a set of optimized reagents and standard operating procedures that allow basic and clinical research scientists to easily, conveniently and reproducibly isolate total proteins from human and non-human cell lines (attached and suspended), solid tissue and tumor biopsies for use in 2D-DIGE experiments (Fig 1).

ToPI-DIGE is optimized for isolation of total proteins from cell lines (K-0010-C) and mammalian tissue (K-0010-T) for 2-Dimensional difference in gel-electrophoresis (2D-DIGE). Using the kit prevents protein breakdown and prevents additional buffer exchange steps that may lead to protein breakdown and lower yield.

(Protease-, RNase- & DNAse- free)


Fig 1: 2D-DIGE image of Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines Proteins were isolated with ToPI-DIGE Kit. 50ug of protein from “reference”, “test” and “Internal Standards” were labeled with Cyanine dyes and loaded on the gel.

Each Kit contains optimized buffer systems and consumables including:

  • Buffer 1
  • Buffer 2
  • Buffer 3
  • iTube A
  • iTube B (Protease-, RNase- & DNAse- free)
  • Validated SOP for total protein isolation from cell lines and tissue for 2D-DIGE
Protein Isolation Kit

K-0010-C10 (10 Assays) – $68.00
K-0010-T10 (10 Assays) – $65.00