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  • Protein Breakdown Monitoring Kit
  • Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies
  • Buccal DNA Collection and Transport Kit
  • Western Blot Kit
  • Trypsin Digestion Monitoring Kit
  • Proteomics Grade Plasma Tube
  • Proteomics Grade Serum Tube
  • nQuanti-Protein Assay Reagent
  • Protein Standard Curve Reagent
  • Quanti-Protein Assay reagent
  • Protease Inhibitor Cocktail
  • Total Protein Assay Kit
  • Total Protein Precipitation Kit
  • Protein Isolation Kit for Blood
  • Protein Isolation Kit for Plant Tissue
  • Protein Isolation Kit for Urine Samples
  • Protein Isolation Kit for Formalin-fixed Paraffin Embedded Samples
  • Total Protein Isolation Kit
  • Protein Isolation Kit for Two Dimensional Difference Gel Electrophoresis
  • Albumin Segregation Kit

  • Quantitative and Comparative Proteomics and post translational modification mapping using Liquid Chromatography
  • DNA Forensic Services
  • Protein Forensic Services
  • Comparative and Semi-quantitative proteomics using Two-Dimensional Difference In-Gel Electrophoresis(2D-DIGE) Technology
  • Protein Analysis using Two-Dimensional Polyacrylamide
  • Quantitative multiplexed Protein analysis using the Luminex xMAP technology

  • Portable Battery operated Vortex Mixer
  • Portable Battery operated Magnetic Stirrer